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Open Proposal to the China Cuisine Association: ‘Pigs, Pork, and Practice’ for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Designation

The China Cuisine Association (CCA) is in the midst of their second attempt to get Chinese food listed on UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ list. After the first try failed for being too general, they’re looking for specific suggestions. So I … Continue reading

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Dead Pigs Flood Shanghai: How did that happen?

Workers are pulling thousands of dead pigs out of the Huangpu River that runs through Shanghai. Eartags on the deceased swine indicate that they are from neighboring Zhejiang Province, though the cause of death is not yet known. Is this … Continue reading

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Pigs and Pollution in The Guardian

Nicola Davison at The Guardian wrote a very good piece on the relationship between industrial pig farming and the challenges it creates for rural livelihoods in China. Read it here: China’s taste for pork serves up a pollution problem. (I’m … Continue reading

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Food for 9 Billion China Story

The Center for Investigative Reporting, along with PBS and Homelands Productions, has been working on a series of short documentary film pieces that examine the challenges of feeding the world today. The last installment in their yearlong project, Food for 9 … Continue reading

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Who Will Feed China?

GRAIN just released a new report called Who Will Feed China: Agribusiness or Its Own Farmers? Decisions in Beijing Echo Around the World on August 4, 2012. Here’s the summary: China is now the world’s largest global food market. What Chinese people … Continue reading

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Report: “Feeding China’s Pigs”

Last fall, Jim Harkness at IATP (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) asked me to write a piece about pig farming and the feed industry in China. My report, entitled, “Feeding China’s Pigs: Implications for the Environment, Smallholder Farmers in … Continue reading

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Christien Meindertsma: How Pig Parts Make the World Turn

Christien Meindertsma is a Dutch artist who conducted a 3-year research project called “Pig 05049” to find out what happens to all the parts of a pig after it’s slaughtered.  Her results are fascinating, entertaining, and sometimes shocking. Here is … Continue reading

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China: agriculture a bigger polluter than industry

Because I think this is an important issue, and because I will likely write more about it in the future, I’m reposting this short piece I wrote for the IATP Think Forward blog.  Here is the original link. In February … Continue reading

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The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

This new and exciting book, The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, just arrived at my doorstep this afternoon.  Edited by Daniel Imhoff, and including essays from some of the better-known food and agriculture commentators of the day, … Continue reading

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Happy Re-birthday 猪坚强

Last week at the Jianchuan Museum outside of Chengdu, 猪坚强 (the hero pig of China) celebrated her second “re-birth” day, exactly two years after she emerged from the rubble of the Wenchuan earthquake.  She was reunited with her owners, pigged … Continue reading

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