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Open Proposal to the China Cuisine Association: ‘Pigs, Pork, and Practice’ for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Designation

The China Cuisine Association (CCA) is in the midst of their second attempt to get Chinese food listed on UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ list. After the first try failed for being too general, they’re looking for specific suggestions. So I … Continue reading

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Food for 9 Billion China Story

The Center for Investigative Reporting, along with PBS and Homelands Productions, has been working on a series of short documentary film pieces that examine the challenges of feeding the world today. The last installment in their yearlong project, Food for 9 … Continue reading

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Livestock and Environment, Apples and Oranges, Rich and Poor

Debates surrounding the role of livestock production and environmental degradation got a shot in the arm yesterday with the release of a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  Through their International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management, the … Continue reading

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breaking the seal

For this, the first post on my very own blog, I’m going to cheat a little.   I wrote an essay a few weeks ago about grappling with being a vegetarian that my friend (and blog mentor) Raj Patel posted on … Continue reading

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