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Pigs and Pollution in The Guardian

Nicola Davison at The Guardian wrote a very good piece on the relationship between industrial pig farming and the challenges it creates for rural livelihoods in China. Read it here: China’s taste for pork serves up a pollution problem. (I’m … Continue reading

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Demand is a Construct…so let’s demand something REAL!

Economistic thinking is the default setting for understanding how the world works. Perhaps nothing illustrates this more than the theory of supply and demand. From hedge fund managers, to professors of economics and business and psychology and plant breeding, to … Continue reading

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Who Will Feed China?

GRAIN just released a new report called Who Will Feed China: Agribusiness or Its Own Farmers? Decisions in Beijing Echo Around the World on August 4, 2012. Here’s the summary: China is now the world’s largest global food market. What Chinese people … Continue reading

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It’s the Pork Price, Stupid!

It’s kind of like the running of the bulls in Spain, but much more exciting. Central authorities in China are gearing up to open the gate on the strategic pork reserve. Considering that in 2010, Chinese people ate, on average, … Continue reading

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Report: “Feeding China’s Pigs”

Last fall, Jim Harkness at IATP (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) asked me to write a piece about pig farming and the feed industry in China. My report, entitled, “Feeding China’s Pigs: Implications for the Environment, Smallholder Farmers in … Continue reading

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New GRAIN Report: Big Meat is growing in the South

GRAIN just released a report on growing meat production and consumption in the global South in the October issue of Seedling. The authors make the point that, “People around the world are not just eating more meat, they are eating … Continue reading

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FEEDing Frenzy: Corn, Investment, and Agribusiness in China

It’s a FEEDing frenzy out there.  Suddenly, what pigs are eating in China has caught the attention of commentators, reporters, and investment analysts alike.  This is big business that some see as a massive opportunity for investment and profit, while … Continue reading

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