Wens Foodstuffs

Printable pdf version: Profile – Wens Foodstuffs 2012.

Chinese Agribusiness Profiles: Wens Foodstuffs Group                                             广东温氏食品集团有限公司                                                                                                Prepared by Jingyi Wang                                                                                                 November 2012

Company Vitals

Guangdong Wens Foodstuffs Group is an agricultural leading and privately owned enterprise located in Xinxing County, Guangdong Province.  The company business sectors include:

  • Livestock breeding
  • Food trading
  • Animal health care products
  • Agricultural and animal husbandry machinery
  • Food processing
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Vegetable cultivation
  • Investment and Finance

Wens Foodstuffs Group (WFG) has 34,581 employees and 129 wholly owned or held controlling subsidiaries that operate nationwide.  Some subsidiaries are listed in Table 1.

By end of 2011, the company’s total assets were estimated at 17.4 billion RMB, with 30.9 billion RMB in annual sales, and profits of 4.9 billion RMB. And by end-Jun. 2012, the company’s total assets were estimated at 17.8 billion RMB, with sales at 14.9 billion RMB and profits at 1.1 billion RMB in first half of 2012 (Wens, 2012).

Wens initiated the “company and farmer” agricultural model that is now widely used in China. In this model, the company provides a contracted farm household with chickens, feedstuffs, and medicines. The company keeps relevant records, sends people to help farmers breed and raise chickens, and then takes back grown chickens and settles accounts. Meanwhile, by cooperating with Wens Foodstuffs Group, the independent and self-sufficient farmers become workers in workshops of the industrial chain (Zuo et al., 2008).

In 2011, the group had production capacity of 1 billion head of chicken, 8.7 million head of pig, and 20.4 million head of duck, with annual slaughter capacity of 100,000 head of pig and 51.1 million head of poultry (Wens, 2012).

The Group production management system has already passed ISO certification, non-pollution agricultural product certification, HACCP certification, GMP certification, and many quality-related authorized certifications (Zuo et al., 2008)

Company History

In May 1983, Beiying Wen, together with another eight farmers in seven different families, established Lezhu Livestock Associated Company by investing 8000 RMB.

In July 1987, Beiying Wen, initiated the corporate ideas of “Benefiting employee, benefiting society, and scientific development.”

In June 1989, Mr. Wen innovated the “company + farmer” business model.

In January 1994, the company established Xinxing Foodstuffs Cooperative.

On October 21,1994, the enterprise changed its name to “ Wens Foodstuffs Group.”

On January 28,1998, Wens Foodstuffs Group was nominated as “Agricultural Dragon Head Enterprise” by the Guangdong Province Government.

On February 9, 2002, the broiler sales reached 1.25 million head.

In November of 2007, sales volume reached 10 billion RMB.

In July 2010, the Group was added to the list of “Top 500” in Guangdong province.

Company Leadership

Mr. Pengcheng Wen, the son of founder Mr. Beiying Wen, was born in 1962. He is the current President of Wens Foodstuffs Group. Additionally, Mr. Pengcheng Wen holds a number of other positions outside the company:

  • Chairman of the Board and President of Guangdong Dahuanong Animal Health Products Co., Ltd.
  • Vice Chairman of The Chinese Politic Consultative Conference Yunfe city Committee
  • Vice President of Association of Industry and Commerce
  • Vice President of Fifth Administrative Committee of China Feed Industry Association
  • Vice Chairman of Agricultural Industry Association, ACFIC
  • Chairman of Guangdong Agricultural Dragon Head Enterprises Association
  • The People’s Representative of 9th, 10th, and 11th China People’s Congress.

Mr. Zhifeng Wen, born in 1970, graduated from South China Agriculture University. In 2002, he was awarded MBA by South China Science and Technology University. He is the current CEO of Wens Foodstuffs Group.

Related News

Wens Foodstuffs Group has worked with 47 thousand farmers by sharing profit and systematic management. 

Wens Investment was awarded voting rights as “the Best Analyst”, published on New Fortune magazine on Oct.29,2012.

Table 1.  Wens Foodstuffs Group’s Family of Companies

*There are 129 WFG subsidiaries.  This is a list of some of the major company holdings in each division.  Unless otherwise indicated, information is from the Wens Foodstuff website (Chinese version).

Company Business Operations Links
Wens Investment Co., Ltd. The Company has four major divisions:

  1. PE fund investment
  2. Equity investment
  3. Enterprises merger & reorganization investment
  4. Group finance running.
Xinxing County Wens Foodstuff  Affiliated Company Broiler production. Chinese
Guangdong Huanong Wens Livestock Co.,Ltd Founded in 2002, the company specializes in boar breeding and pig production. It has 13 subsidiaries which hold 60 pig farms in total. Chinese
Guandong Wens Food Purchasing Center It is specialized in the supply of feed and other raw materials for the whole group. Chinese
Guangdong Wens Jiarun Food Co.,Ltd It is specialized in food processing and sales of freezing chicken, pork, and duck. Chinese
Xinxing County Runtian Fertilizer Co., Ltd The company was founded in 2006, and is specialized in research, production and sales of organic fertilizer. The annual turnover is around 10 tons. Chinese
Guangdong Huanan Animal Husbandry Machinery Company The Company has two members: Xinxing Huanan Equipment Company and Guangzhou Huanan Equipment Company. Total assets is 120 million RMB. It is specialized in development, design, production, and sales of animal husbandry machinery. Chinese


  1. Zou W. , Lu R. , Ou X. (2008). Strategizing Corporate Social Responsibility—Evidence from Guangdong WensFoodstuffs Group Co. International Journal of Business and Management. Vol 3, No.8, 31-38.
  2. Wens Foodstuff Group Co. (2012). 2012 second issue of short-term financing bonds raising prospectus(in Chinese).

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