agbiz profiles

Tracking the organization and operation of Chinese agribusiness firms is central to understanding the processes of contemporary agricultural transformation.  These Chinese Agribusiness Profiles are summaries of basic research, using mostly online resources.  Because industry reports are quite expensive, the information included is limited to reports and articles that carry no fee. There are links to relevant sources of information within the text.

I welcome you to use the information in these profiles, but ask that you please cite the authors when doing so.  Click the links below to view the profiles online. Printable pdfs are also linked at the top of each page.

Jinluo Profile 

New Hope Group Profile 

Shineway (Shuanghui) Profile

Tyson Xinchang Foods Profile

Tangren Shen Profile

Wens Foodstuffs Profile

More to come…

2 Responses to agbiz profiles

  1. Tania says:

    Interesing profile as is your website! Look forward to more insights.

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