Food for 9 Billion China Story

The Center for Investigative Reporting, along with PBS and Homelands Productions, has been working on a series of short documentary film pieces that examine the challenges of feeding the world today. The last installment in their yearlong project, Food for 9 Billion, is a story about China and meat (watch it here). This piece aired November 13, 2012 on the NewsHour on PBS, and will be housed on the CFIR website hereafter. Mary Kay Magistad, the China Correspondent for PRI’s The World, and producer Cassandra Herrman put the China story together. They came to Ithaca in August to talk to me about pigs and meat in China, and my report, Feeding China’s Pigs: Implications for the Environment, China’s Smallholder Farmers and Food Security. They’ve done a nice job presenting a complex set of processes and relationships in the span of a 10-minute piece. I do have some issues with the analysis of food safety, which I’ll comment on very soon…

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One Response to Food for 9 Billion China Story

  1. Charles Francis says:

    Hi Mindi

    Great program … we were waiting for 40 minutes to see our Nebraska superstar on national TV … and were a bit disappointed that the interviews with her were only a few scant minutes. After all your work and backgrounding, the PBS reporter has all the footage and glory. Anyway, please know that it would not have happened without you. We rarely get much credit for the important things we do.

    From your super fans in Nebraska


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