The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

This new and exciting book, The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, just arrived at my doorstep this afternoon.  Edited by Daniel Imhoff, and including essays from some of the better-known food and agriculture commentators of the day, this 462-page volume just hit the market earlier this month.

Here’s the official description:

The CAFO Reader is a collection of essays by over 30 of today’s leading thinkers on one of the most important environmental and ethical issues of our time: the rise of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, where increasing amounts of the world’s meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and seafood are produced. Contributors include Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Fred Kirschenmann, Anna Lappé, Matthew Scully, Eric Schlosser, Andrew Kimbrell, and Wenonah Hauter. These essays analyze and vividly depict the devastating impacts and current conditions in and around factory farms. The collection also provides a compelling vision of “putting the CAFO out to pasture,” in which food systems become more healthy, humane, and sustainable. The CAFO Reader will quickly become an invaluable educational resource in the battle to reform the tragic state of industrial livestock production. It will also inform and influence the growing public movement of activists, farmers, policy makers, and consumers who are aiming to make our food healthier for ourselves and the planet.
The essays in this volume have been selected from the larger photographic volume CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations): The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories.

And here is a link to the Table of Contents at the publisher’s website.

Also, see an interview with Daniel Imhoff at Grist.

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One Response to The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

  1. nestingwave says:

    Very many have hope of reform. They see the dysfunctions and think reform is the only way to go. They wish to reform CAFOs, The USDA, The Banking Industry, the Oil Industry, Government you name it. Reform, reform, reform. Fix it, fix it, fix it. However, the problem runs so deep, it is unfixable.

    A total make-over is now fully required and our Mother Earth is about to accomplish that among those who survive what is coming.

    And who reforms in this reformation? Those who need reforming in the first place, of course. Now, how has that worked out so far? One step forward, twelve steps back. Why? Because reform is not in the interest of the present world controllers. No it is not. What is in the interest of the present world controllers and their ambitious agenda? $$$, control and power. This is a basic systemic problem and “reform” is completely useless. You cannot expect the fox to reform and become a good guardian of the henhouse without a complete transformation of mind. What is needed is a complete make-over of our entire civilization and that will only come about when the present insanity self-destructs.

    And this is exactly where the present downward spiral is rapidly headed.

    Meanwhile, the best thing to do is grow your own food and encourage your neighbors to do likewise. Learn to eat much less meat (eat much less in general) and only when you know where it comes from. The present Powers That Be are 100% insane. They have many disciples who mindlessly follow along thinking it is the only game in town for the success of their ambitions. They have been well duped. All their policies are destroying the planet and all life on her. And, those up on the capstone of the hierarchical pyramid of control well know that they are doing this. So why are they doing it? $$$, power and control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children.

    Do you think for a minute that the elite of this world eat factory produced meat? Nope. They have special farms and ranches to supply them. Some of them are beef ranches in South America.

    The problem is systemic at the highest levels of power which means the highest levels of money manipulation, war manipulation, energy manipulation, information manipulation and… food manipulation.

    At present, psychotic social engineers are deciding how this world goes. The Mega-Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is the latest ploy in this game and now, those who do not read beyond the headlines think it is now solved. No it isn’t, as everyone will soon discover. The residents of the Gulf already know.

    Propaganda only works well upon those who willingly let the media and the government do all their thinking for them. And, unfortunately, this is the vast majority of the people who are trying to maintain a paycheck, a ballgame and a beer and are easily carried down a rabbit hole by soccer games, Hollywood and Britainy Speer’s ass.

    If anyone thinks the criminal USDA will do anything but make this situation a million times worse, they have not been keeping up with what is going on.

    You have to understand that all these government agencies are working for the same power structure of total corruption and world totalitarian ambition. Some of them know this, many do not but just follow orders because that’s all they’ve ever done having abdicated their souls over the control of others.

    Factory Farms for Animals? We have factory farms for human beings! A vast number of human beings in this present earth civilization are robots who are brain-washed and put on an assembly line from the cradle to the grave and don’t even have a clue about what is happening to them. They have become systematically separated from the timing of Mother Earth, each other and all other beings and it has happened so slowly and over such a long period of time (many many generations) that they fully accept the programing and think it is completely “normal.”

    It isn’t. It is fully dysfunctional.

    And a very wise man once said, “judge the tree by the fruit it bears.” The results, consequences, outcome, fruit of our marvelous modern civilization is… a thermonuclear fireball and an ocean full of oil.

    Just look around you. It is a Matrix of full control and mindlessness. Those who try to “reform” within this closed systemic error think they make a little headway but then become so carried away by it that they don’t notice how it easily slips right back into business as usual. And the “business” is not in the interest of any human being on earth, except those who deem themselves to be a “superior” type of entity because of their money, power, control, awareness of hidden knowledge and clever ability to lie with a straight face and still sleep at nights. They have no idea that their human hearts are fully petrified.

    But, a rude awakening to all is just around the corner. To some it will come as more of a shock than to others who have been informing themselves but we are all on the very same Titanic. Some will push others out of the way to save their own skins, some will lay down their lives for others. The survivors will have come through a severe personal reckoning and have a very different view as to how human beings on planet earth should proceed. The old power structure will be dust and ashes and they know it. That’s why the present panic driven by aquisition and jockying for self one-ups-man-ship. This is the only way they know, believing that the Universe is a dog-eat-dog affair and only the strong and ruthless have a right to survive. Not even good Darwinism. Utter stupidity actually and suicidally insane to boot.

    More to come. Much more… and soon. And, it really doesn’t take a prophet to figure that out, just becoming aware of what has been going on behind the scenes for a long long time and why. But, of course, that requires a bit more research than the six o’clock news on CNN or FOX.



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