breaking the seal

For this, the first post on my very own blog, I’m going to cheat a little.   I wrote an essay a few weeks ago about grappling with being a vegetarian that my friend (and blog mentor) Raj Patel posted on his site.  It’s called “If I could, I would eat that pig snout…notes from a reluctant vegetarian in Chengdu on going whole hog” (click if you care to read it).

Ironically, I got the chance to put my real mouth where my loud mouth is this week on a research trip.  I went out of town, and in addition to having to drink lots of baijiu (Chinese liquor), I ate pig ear, pork dumplings, back fat, red braised pork, and a fiery hot Sichuan pork dish when they were served to me as the guest of honor.  I’m not sure if I broke the seal to further meat eating, or if this was just the inevitable emergency situation I’d been dreading, but I’m glad to know I can choke the stuff down if I need to!

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  1. Sarita says:


  2. Rob says:

    So glad that you now have your own blog Cindi.

    Yes, that article that Raj shared certainly moved a lot of us. This FOOD issue is of primary importance to all the people on earth.

    I have felt like a gray-thumbed hermit lost in the desert until, to my great surprise, I found that a neighbor a block away is a MASTER at horticulture, land cultivation, composting, raising vegetables—with a life long experience–keeping bees (he has his own hives and did not loose any this winter as many folks all over the world did), vermiculture and all that goes with it.

    He even has a bamboo grove out of which he gets poles to make climbing trestles for tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and Chinese Okra. He has a very reasonably priced food co-op which has only local organic produced and range-fed animals properly handled and slaughtered. All the folks with this inner burden are beginning to network. He is a teacher of all he knows, as well, and even has a radio show. He even has children at a Montosorri school starting seedlings and is being consulted by several community gardens which are now springing up.

    He says that his work is now suddenly going VIRAL. He needs many volunteers and I am one, even though I am 68, out of shape and full of wrong concepts that need to be trashed. I now am beginning to understand WHY I have not been a very successful gardener. :O)

    I think this sudden surfacing of the importance of food here in affluent America is because there is an incredible crisis just ahead and the intuitions of many are aiming them in a new direction. The travesty that just happened in the Gulf of Mexico is another wake-up call but it is the straw which broke the camel’s back for many.

    It seems that many many people are now waking up to the fact that there needs to be a return to sanity and it begins with the food we eat.
    Everything of careGIVING, such as justice, new energy, human rights etc. can evolve out of this move toward basic sanity.

    This neighbor (Steve), whom I only recently met through a synchronicity, is being called upon by people all over our area to DIG UP THEIR GOLF COURSE LAWNS and plant FOOD. I asked him–“Steve could you take five minutes and tell me everything you know?”

    He said, “well….how about in five minute increments?”

    So, today I spent wrangling earth worms.

    “GREAT,” I said. So, I am now volunteering to assist him and LEARNING what most Americans have now completely forgotten. Some of our children do not even know where their milk comes from much less their Ronnie McDs. Really. But, with wise teachers such as Steve, us inept gray-thumbers can find the best way Mother Nature knows how to supply abundance and spread happiness.



    P.S. Some folks have taken a tip from the Hopi and are growing heir-loom corn, beans, squash and chili.

  3. Tommacg says:

    Mindi – Look forward to following the blog. Some insight into what’s really going on in massive China will be great.

    Rob – Beautiful comment. Good on you. I’ve been going through a similar process over the last 6 months or so and it’s been completely transformative.


  4. nathan says:

    very interesting to know you put yourself in the pig’s shoes

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